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The Earth

On some days,The lava escapes my heart,Melting me softly.When I look at those dried roses,Under my pillow.Which spread the scent of,Old blossoms and winged thoughts,Escaping from my fingernails,It drips,The lava.And causes the souvenir of ours,To ignite.Ignite to flames.Burning all ‘what ifs’,And soaking ‘maybes’.Disappearing your warmth,And making appears your scorching lies.And I,I sit on the old dining table,Feeling its scratches.Among the […]

How to dress up for Post-Covid dates?

Date night pending? Want to make your date night unforgettable but incompetent to step out of your comfort zone! Because of picking perfect and comfortable clothes.  Leaving your pyjamas out at home and dress-up like a babe isn’t looking like a cool idea? What if something as relaxed as pyjamas and shorts come over and you won’t able to deny […]

Black Roses

Last day, while walking on the pavement towards home, I sprained my foot.Settled down in pain and cribbing inside how the day went. “Not a valentine person,” I told Joseph and he threw the flowers away. (That was rude)He had made plans for a movie night and dinner at Soleman.And I ruined everything. Got back home and microwaved the leftover […]

Death-Fear of the world beyond

What happened now? Do you feel like living or dying? Of course to live indeed, because it was all unexpected, and you realize all the time you wish to die was the time you wanted to live to fulfill your wishes, be with your loved ones, and many more. Now you have realized life was short. Life was so long for […]

Is Astral Projection a truth or myth?

Astral /ˈastr(ə)l/ Relating to a supposed non-physical realm of existence to which various psychic and paranormal phenomena are ascribed, and in which the physical human body is said to have a counterpart. DISCLAIMER – The writer of this article is not responsible for any incidences of “astral-theft” or “body-snatching” this article may or may not have inspired. Let’s talk about […]

Fall in love with Egyptian traditions

The introduction of the building blocks for Greek and Roman culture influenced all of the Western tradition. Today’s blog will provide you with the primary filters to view and understand Egyptian traditions. If we talk about longevity, so Egyptian civilization lasted for more than 3000 years and bestowed an unbelievable amount of progression.  The consistency and stability showed an overlapping […]