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One of the most trending well-being and fitness trend intermittent fasting is growing popular all around the globe. Two major steps under this are followed is fasting and eating. When you cycle between the duration of fasting and eating this pattern is termed intermittent fasting. Often fasting is done while people fall asleep in which 8 to 9 hours they […]

Smoking: A symbol of acceptance and coolness

The growing youth of this era is so trapped and hungry for acceptance that sometimes they seem to roll out of the road. Before starting the real deal, let’s just pause and first ask our own selves that how many times we’ve jumped off the cliff just for that “being accepted” tag? Yes, get your fingers and count…count…count Remember the […]

The Nova Effect: A turbulent theory

It’s just an average weekday and boredom is consuming you like a relentless machine slurping oil. Suddenly you hear your phone ring, it’s your best friend inviting you for a wild night out. You quickly agree, change and run down. Just when you are about to leave,  you hear your mother’s voice forbidding you to take another step outside. In […]

The Unnoticed- Female Genital Mutilation

Social media and newspapers are filled with various campaigns/ activism related to social issues that are often talked about and discussed. And due to so much awareness, they do not seem to be new to us in any sense. You open your Instagram profile and will find tons of posts/ videos speaking about feminism, discrimination, period awareness, etc. But there […]

When the night crawls

As the night crawlsI skate into your arms,Bright peaceful moon slows pendulum of mind,Your dextrous fingers comb my ringlets,Carefree, vulnerable, and tucking myself into youWhile trying to escape from the high paced world,Ignite constellations hidden in my soulArrest them in your eye’s custody and cajole,Don’t be afraid, take steering and turn the wheelsI am anticipating a long ride in my […]


“Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of somethingelse.”~ Fred RogersThe thought behind Project Safar was to inspire smarter choices for a more sustainablefuture. We at Enactus Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, believe that individual actions,such as increasing recycling or learning about greener ways to dispose of, can add up toa big impact on […]