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“Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of somethingelse.”~ Fred RogersThe thought behind Project Safar was to inspire smarter choices for a more sustainablefuture. We at Enactus Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, believe that individual actions,such as increasing recycling or learning about greener ways to dispose of, can add up toa big impact on […]

An Insignificant Life

That godless soundHis head explodes at 6:01 amSame as every dayHe falls out of bedSteps on the catSlides into his slippersShuffles to the kitchenPuts the coffee onBumps his head on the cupboard doorAgainSits down and looks out the windowA blackbird is flying nearLeaves it’s mark on his sillHe gets upPours his coffee-Black with a shot of Irish whiskeySits back downThe […]

Enactus H.R.C: A global community of students

H.R College of Commerce and Economics has the reputation for producing passionate entrepreneurs that set out to be changemakers in the world. Amidst a wide array of opportunities presented to its students to develop their entrepreneurial skills, Enactus H.R.C College is a club which not only encourages entrepreneurship but also focuses on making a positive social impact through its multiple […]

Climate Change: Earth on “Red Alert”

The planet is probably going to be unsafe due to climate change very soon. Carbon emissions and global warming are leading to a continuous rise in temperature. The problem has risen to the extent that, if we don’t reduce our emissions by half by 2030 then the 1.5 degrees C safe threshold will be breached. The UN Framework Convention on […]

Enactus Kalindi

The one thing which this pandemic has taught this world very dearly is the importance of hygiene and cleanliness in one’s daily life. Regardless of how gruesome this pandemic has proven to be for the majority, it sure was a golden egg for the soap industry. However, this golden era for the soap industries is proving to be an unanticipated […]