A reflection of society

A reflection of society

Oh stop it! Man up!
Don’t cry like a girl!
‘Weak’ should not be in your dictionary,
They screamed.
Another innocent soul lost to the whims of society.

‘How should I cry like a boy?’
The 7 year old wondered.
But apparently, to be a boy
Was to not cry at all.
And here began,
The journey to become ‘strong’

Fortunately his elder brother knew.
He taught him how to ‘cry like a man’:
First, make the night your cover from prying eyes.
Second, don’t make a sound, word flies.
Third, never let it show that you cried.
Once again a little boy buried his emotions,
Generations repeat,
Society failed the test of time.

Five years hence,
A night of grave loss:
Silent tears dripped down his face,
Making a shiny puddle at his feet.
Seeking comfort yet all alone,
He saw himself in the watery mirror.
The mirror of mankind it seems,
A reflection of society’s ingrained sexism and patriarchy.

Written By: Sarfraz

Check Out: https://instagram.com/safarkaraaz_writes?igshid=1fuhi1q2tm62r

Bio: I call myself Sarfraz and I want to help bring change in our society, I want to help break stereotypes, I want to help make the world a better place!

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