Beauty pageants redefined the word beautiful

Beauty pageants redefined the word beautiful

“Mirror mirror on the wall, tell me who is the most beautiful of them all”- Yes, of course, it’s that young, thin girl with fair and spotless skin, rosy lips, and luscious hair. But times have changed so has the mirror. Now, the magical mirror is known by its new name as ‘beauty pageants’.

Beauty pageants redefined the word beautiful

It judges and ranks the physical attributes of participating girls/women. Other criteria such as personality traits, intelligence, etc have also been included, still, the mirror shows only the physical side, doesn’t it?

These contests do more harm than good. The actual competition itself unknowingly promotes casteism and stereotypes, creates barriers, and misrepresents the meaning of beauty.

You ask, why? These contests set unrealistic standards of beauty and place unreasonable restrictions on eligibility for participation in the competition. These restrictions range from age, height, marriage, and pregnancy. Now let me ask you if married women are beautiful or not? Or is it that a girl is beautiful only if she is in her twenties? Now i get it, you all think that beauty fades away after a period of time,hmm nice bullshi… isn’t it? Ohh the height barrier is there too. Do you all think, ladies below a certain height (5’6 in most competitions) are not good enough? Huh, I am 5’4 and still get those creepy messages of “hi dear, luking bootiful”, ” good morning baby, ek reply to kro na”.

Further forcing people to either starve to have a good ‘figure’ or use chemical products to have a ‘flawless skin’ leads to low self-esteem and body shaming. These fake standards may lead to depression and other mental health problems among people who are victims of body shaming.

Today, we all think that beauty can be bought out with money. Expensive diets, food products, gyms, personal trainers, and make-up artists, everything that makes up a ‘miss pageant’ beautiful. These contests make me wonder- if beauty belongs to those who spend.

And now, the best thing of all- beauty contests at the level of teenagers and kids. These money printing producers don’t really give a damn about your future sis, they just want to make money out of you. These pageants have a deep impact on young teenage girls who are more conscious of their body leading to either mental health issues or blind notions of being the most beautiful.

Everyone is beautiful

No doubt we have created the awareness among people that outer beauty doesn’t shape anyone’s life but we didn’t actually implement it on a larger scale. I agree with the fact that beauty pageants have evolved with changing times. But a mainstream change is still necessary. Doing away with teenage contests is needed. I believe we should let them grow and develop to become mature adults who can decide for themselves.

The major thing is we need to redefine beauty in these beauty pageants. We should not create or believe the standards of beauty set up by such competitions such as- zero figure, etc. Beauty is for everyone and everyone is beautiful. It shouldn’t be limited to a particular race, religion, region, class, or type of body. Be confident, be happy, and don’t let these false standards of beauty affect you.

Remember you are beautiful and you don’t have to rely on these contests to tell you that. If still not feeling up to the mark, ladies just open your Instagram messages and see those creepy little crows telling you how beautiful you are.❤

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