Bra code: Unhooking the Realms of Possibilities

Bra code: Unhooking the Realms of Possibilities

As a woman, you would have experienced at least one embarrassing, or heartwarming incident with a bra (which I proudly call a brincident). Even I have had my share of such “brincidents” which I’d like to share without a slightest bit of embarrassment. Sit back, fasten your seat belts, and proceed with caution (especially mohalle ki aunties).

going braless

So, I and my best friend were baking a cake. I was wearing a T-shirt and underneath it a ‘bodycare’ bra. My friend on the other hand wore just an oversized sweatshirt, with nothing underneath. She asked me curiously “Why are you wearing a bra in the kitchen?”  I answered embarrassingly,” I had to because of my heavy breasts.”  She replied,” So are mine!” and to my surprise, she lifted her t-shirt to show me two heavy balloons hanging free in there! She made an unusual choice.

After this episode, I was convinced enough to try it for once (going braless for a day) and surprisingly it felt good. This experience made me think about society’s stigma related to a bra. Is the issue that braless women are considered too sexy with swaying breasts, pointed nipples, and a feeling of relaxation? Or is it that she’s not attractive enough— that her breasts are egregiously unrounded, wilted, and differently shaped without propping? In my opinion, the problem lies in society’s definition of the word sexy. Part of being sexy, how to look sexy shall essentially depend on a person’s own opinions and not on the society’s view.

Is the issue that braless women are considered too sexy with swaying breasts, pointed nipples, and a feeling of relaxation? Or is it that she’s not attractive enough— that her breasts are egregiously unround, wilted, and differently shaped without propping?

Going braless

I like the feeling of clothes on my bare skin i.e. without an undershirt or a bra. Also tbh, I like the manner in which my boobs sound against my ribcage when I run down the steps, similar to somebody applauding courteously for an exhibition that they didn’t especially appreciate. At the point when I move energetically, my boobs move along, in coordination. If I wave at somebody, they wave with me. To sum it up, I prefer a genuine unbound state. I feel that wearing a bra unnecessarily at all times is like wrapping a healthy arm in a sling.

While I do feel bras are necessary, and in no way am saying that wearing a bra is bad but it should not be made a societal norm to wear them every time, and everywhere. Talking about bras, how can we forget about the tragedy of sliding straps that can cause utter embarrassment?

Wearing a bra is not compulsory.

I bet all of us have come across a situation when our moms start making weird faces if our beloved friend (Bra strap) comes out without a warning. I guess it isn’t that awkward but our moms make it by pointing it out. I also have experienced strangers particularly, aunties coming and whispering in my ears about the bra strap in my top each time it unknowingly becomes visible due to sweat or slides out. Even some girls find it uncomfortable. I’ve seen many teenagers using slangs and codes such as ‘hey! Your tube light is on’ to tell one of their friends that her bra strap was visible.

Although a visible bra strap doesn’t necessarily create an issue but pointing it out does. There is no polite way to do that. Whichever way you do it, it will leave someone embarrassed. If it was unintentional then it may leave her embarrassed on the other hand, if it was intentional, then her response may leave you embarrassed. So it’s always better to leave it to her girlfriends to tell her.

You see, it is a pre-developed notion made in our minds that we have to wear a bra all the time as soon we touch adolescence. But the point is why not let it be just a piece of clothing designed to suit us and cover our bodies, instead of sexualizing it to a point where it becomes a taboo for society? The need of the hour is to introspect and talk. Talk about your favorite bras, breasts and other topics which are considered uncomfortable in our society. Keep Smiling and keep dancing. Enjoy your day instead of being caged due to the society. Further don’t forget to tell us your favorite heartwarming/funny brincidents (incidents related to bras). We would love to hear from you and chat with you.

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  1. This is so beautifully put up and is definitely so true. Applause for penning this down. Thanks for taking this up.

  2. Hey, vidhi yukta this side … It’s pretty impressive work like REALLY.. it’s not discussed and you did so yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..! Keep it up !!

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