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Chemistry of Relationships and Love At First Sight

Chemistry of Relationships and Love At First Sight

School, a place where we start everything, from friendships to love, gossips, and relationships. Pre-school boy best friends to whom we promised to play every day in the future to teenage boy friends, we all have a long list of crushes which we never confessed.

Long-distance cousin, friend’s brother, batchmate, Instagram friend, Facebook friend, and that’s not the half of it. Let’s start from the beginning, class ‘Nursery’. We all had a best friend with whom we shared a special bond. Playing together every day, sitting together, holding hands, things were so simple back then.

Pre-School best friends to whom we promised to play every day in the future.

Looks like a relationship? Yes, it was a relationship but in its purest form, i.e. friendship. In the beginning, I was in co-ed school , and eventually got transferred to a girl’s school in class 5th. It took time but I developed a deep bond with some of my girl-friends.

Till the 9th class, we nearly forgot about boys. Teen romance never crossed our minds. But now and then you could see tens of nibbas outside our school gate, ready to meet their nibbis. Some were just there to catch a glance of the hotties like us (yeah, other girls too, uwu). Some good boys would pass a smile whenever they saw me.

And then it all started, the story of my best friend. She was beautiful who talked to boys and had a lot of crushes (I didn’t even have normal boy-friends back then, huh). That innocent devil had the luck of Satan. We were made to join a chemistry coaching class in the 11th grade. Didn’t know back then, that this coaching will become something like a catalyst for two young minds. 

(PS: Do tell me why all the love stories begin in a science class).

My best friend finally met the ‘love of her life’ (It’s her words, I still find him stupid) in that coaching. Brown eyes, unkempt hair, tall, slim body, and a good face cut. The boy was good but not the best (That’s how I described him back then). She scanned the boy for almost half a minute which was more than her previous records.

After the class, she looked at me with ‘eyebrows up’, longing eyes, and a grin all over the face as if she was waiting for the ‘yes’ from me. I told her of what I felt so for the time being she consoled herself by thinking of him as a ‘brother’ but deep down was still adamant that it was love at first sight!

The next day she gave me a vivid description of her feelings- Lightening struck, romantic music in the background, chemical reactions in the nerves, racing heartbeat, a star exploding in a faraway galaxy, and whatnot. (Movies just ate her mind, Damn You Bollywood!)I had to listen to her non-stop babbling for two hours (yakees). She was so crazy that she would have dumped anyone for him if he gives her a chance.

The usual cycle of late night talks to long text messages began.

She needed the guy’s attention by hook or crook now, and I had to be a part of this mission imposible because best friend ke lie kuch bhi. In one class, she coughed intentionally. To my amazement, the boy took out a water bottle from his bag (I don’t know whether he noticed the coughing or not). 

My best friend smirked on the pretext that the water bottle will be passed on to her but instead, the boy drank the whole water. I laughed at her reaction which was almost like, “abbey saale”. It’s true that if this much effort and preparation were done for the upcoming exams, then she would have topped the list easily.

So back to the story, finally, he waved at her, and once again she fell for him all over again. And then the usual cycle of late-night talks to long text messages began. She was all shy and happy about the situation. Two months passed and finally, the day came when she confessed her feelings to him. 

The boy was surprised and answered, “It was very brave of you to confess but let’s just be friends. I am not into relationship stuff you see.” and it all stopped. She cried that day. Even the boy might be feeling a bit off. But her love, at first sight, was just a one-sided affair. Although, the boy didn’t do anything of that sort she would then start to cuss him. She started to ignore him, to abuse him (in front of me only), and would do anything to get him out of her brain. 

Then after a week my best friend also moved on. But beware of this little witch, I got the feeling that everything will start again soon. And that’s what happened. New coaching (physics), a new crush, and the cycle went on. But this time didn’t propose to him. The boy eventually did. Now they are my nibbi and nibba. They both fight a lot (a dog-cat fight) and still remain together. 

They both fight a lot and still remain together.

Probably we all have had such experiences, except for me (Why God Why? Why are you doing this to me?) But you all came out to be a better version of yourselves and in the end, it’s all that matters. Also, because you went through your fair share of relation shits you might already be with the best partner you could have been with (Uwwuuuu, Party?). 

Remember in the end what matters is you. Get yourself a partner who treats you right, and never believe in love at first sight because it’s not bollywood, stupido! Do tell us your experiences, and stories. If you have interesting ideas or want the next blog on your experiences, Comment! Don’t forget to share if you like the story.

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      Such an amazing story! I feel most of us at some point in our teens experienced it or have seen our close ones go through it.
      I was literally laughing and imagining myself through some of the situations mentioned in the story. This article brings together alot of different emotions and experience we all go through .

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