How to impress boys?

How to impress boys?

All of us think (actually know) that it’s impossible to read a girl’s mind. It is difficult to guess what they want in a guy. But let me tell you, it is the same for boys. You can’t tell by looking at their face even. It is as difficult to read their minds. Though the truth is that boys are quite simple than girls. (I know all my girlfriends would disagree at this point, ouch, sorry girls).

Today, I have gathered some quick pro tips after a brain-storming discussion with some of my male friends who are unfortunately single (haha). Approaching them was a good decision as they know the importance of a girl in their lives. Here is a bunch of honest views. Happy Sunday Boys!

Quick Pro tips

TIP 1: Always approach a guy with a smile. Apart from physical looks, your smile can work as a gun. A smile is enough for them to get melted. Smile for 10 seconds and game over!

TIP 2: Give them personal space. Just like us, they also need their own space. Remember giving space to each other helps you grow a relationship. Avoid constant messaging and calling them when they are with their boys. Guys really appreciate these things about girls.

TIP 3: There is a misconception that boys always go by looks. It isn’t the case although having decent looks can make a guy crazy.

TIP 4: This one is for boys too. Leave your attitude at home. Guys prefer girls who treat them equally and fairly. Even if you are the prettiest girl, there are chances that a guy might reject you and vice-versa. Approach with a right and positive attitude. (But I am not asking you to be submissive. Draw a clear line have the right attitude)

TIP 5: Don’t force any boy to confess their feelings for you. Wait for the time. Boys might take time to build a relationship. Don’t rush and hurry.

TIP 6:  Be ambitious. Tell your goals and aspirations. Boys really like ambitious girls. They love girls who are serious about their future. This results in a long and trustworthy relationship.

TIP 7: Don’t wait for the guy to propose to you. If you feel something, confess! irrespective of a proposal. This will give you a sense of satisfaction and will save you from drowning in regret.

TIP 8: Seek Advice. This makes the boy wanted. Boys start feeling valuable. They feel that they have a place in your life.

TIP 9: Set out your own boundaries and respect his. Be clear to convey to him the purpose of the relationship, purely physical, or is it something romantic too.


Eye Opener of the day

Today, I’m gonna share a secret with you. By the way boys get crazy about girls after a two days talk. If any girl talks to them for 5 consecutive days, they already start imagining things. The girl remains on their mind for a good amount of time in a day. Now they start considerinf her the most beautiful girl in the world for him. He starts day dreaming about this sort of relationship with her. This is the cycle of impressing a boy.


We hope today’s article was helpful for girls and a blessing for all the single boys. We wish everyone finds their soulmate at right point of time. And lastly feel free to contact us as we have many eligible boys lined up for our beautiful girls.


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