Inner Scars

Inner Scars

The car halted in the middle of the road and when she rolled the window down, the cool air embalmed her bruised body like a healing caress. For a moment she forgot about the pain in her abdomen and a broken jaw from being kicked, punched, and tossed around mercilessly as if he had wanted to completely consume her life with his wrath. 

The external scars would heal. The inner scars were the dangerous ones. But how she wasn’t yet dead in these seven years with him she couldn’t understand. She got out of the car to stretch her legs cramped now from driving all night. She was far away from home, far from her city, far from civilization.

The inner scars are dangerous.

This spot in the thick of the surrounding forest was a revelation to her when she had accidentally stumbled upon it last year during a hiking trip in these hills.

She would frequent this place when he was away on his ‘Business trips’. Who was he kidding … Alcoholic, Womanizer, Asshole … he was all. She contemplated at times driving off the gorge but the thought of little Yash would stop her.  She would instead just cry her eyes out and scream all she wanted.

No one could hear her or find her in this secret refuge.  She found peace here albeit short-lived. A strong and educated woman stuck in a rut of physical and emotional abuse. But how did she get here?
Well, Last night was different.  The inner scars were the dangerous ones.

She went to the back of her car, opened the boot extracted his body, and dragged him with all her aching might to the driver’s seat. Releasing the hand brakes she pushed the car towards the gorge. As it crashed and burned into fumes, she turned around and walked towards her freedom.

Written By: Niti11

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