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Japan appoints loneliness minister: Tetsushi Sakamoto

Japan appoints loneliness minister: Tetsushi Sakamoto

Lack of social gathering has affected the well-being and mental health of the people. The problem of loneliness is such that people don’t ask for medicines from doctors and wait for their death. It cannot be detected through any tests. The problem can be understood by the person who is suffering from it. And eventually, this problem of loneliness takes the shape of suicide. But now countries and governments around the world are taking up the problem seriously.

Increased depression and social isolation during covid-19 have led to more suicides in the Japanese economy.

  • The pandemic alone is responsible for the uptick in Japanese suicides in 11 years.
  • To tackle the problem of social isolation and loneliness, the Japanese government has set up a ‘Ministry of loneliness’.

Japan is famous for its hard work, honesty, and sincerity but little did they know the deep impact of loneliness on their economy. The total population of Japan is 12,56,20,000 which comprises 50% of youth.

  • The situation has so much worsened that Japanese people have started using ‘Robots’ to escape loneliness.
  • The number of suicides saw an increment of 4% from 2019 (20169) to 2020 (20919).

The ‘Ministry of Loneliness’ will help in combating loneliness. It will work with schools, clubs, colleges, and the government to identify the symptoms of loneliness and provide a solution to them.

  • England was the first country to establish such a ministry in 2018.
  • Tetsushi Sakamoto was appointed as the first loneliness minister of Japan on 24th February 2021.

Women suicides have seen an increase than men suicides. Many single women in Japan live alone and most of them have unstable employment. They have to support themselves and thus pandemic like Covid-19 hits them really hard.

  • In October 2020, 879 women died of suicide which is a 70% increase compared to the same month of 2019. This mean 16 in every 100 thousand people die of suicide.

Tetsushi Sakamoto (loneliness minister) is planning to build an emergency forum by the end of February to address the concerns of various people. Secondly, he will promote various activities to decrease social isolation. New comprehensive strategies would be devised to decrease the rate of women suicides. An interagency team will be formed to better coordinate with advocacy teams and other stakeholders.

Check Out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTZq4Q5ELzg

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