Beauty: A feeling of acceptability or social stature?

Beauty: A feeling of acceptability or social stature?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, “who is the fairest of all?”

‘YOU’, my beauty (Psst, everyone wants to be this ‘YOU’)

Then some other day the mirror changed its answer, “The person ‘X’ is the fairest of all.”

Suppose the mirror doesn’t restrict to mere beauty standards but answered on different points as well like- personality, behavior, etc still would you have easily accepted the truth that someone is prettier than you? Would it have been that easy? You might have thrown a stone in the mirror.

Be confident in your skin.

To such an extent the misconception of beauty has brainwashed us making it difficult to accept our skin. We are not comfortable in our own skin. We have let ourselves hold on to standards that are too high even for the women on the billboards. How many of us have actually looked into the mirror for finding the good parts of our body? None, I believe as we are always looking for the flaws and improvements to fit in the word ‘Beautiful’.

The word beautiful has a different meaning to different people. What might please you may not be the same for others. In this era of digitalization, it is really easy to blame social media and advertisements for portraying unrealistic beauty standards. But is it really new? Why these ads are still advertised because people do not believe in themselves and get swayed by the outside world.

Avoid using beauty products.

Indian culture has always taught young girls to look beautiful as their sole purpose is to find the perfect groom, not career or passion. They believe in the notion ‘Beauty lies in everything except you’. Girls have started looking up to celebrities, not because of their hard work and acting skills but gorgeous looks. They have started giving more importance to outer appearance. Every teen girl who wonders why she doesn’t look like a B-town Celeb, please note that nobody wakes up like this.  Before any public appearance, they are subjected to lots of makeup to look that way and it isn’t anything aspire to. They are under tremendous pressure to look glamorous as it is their profession.

Aspire to become confident and carefree not to look a specific way. ‘Be You’. Don’t lose your uniqueness. Don’t hold your head down in shame because you think you are not beautiful. Start accepting yourself of who you are. You should not better your looks to be loved; you are not born to fit in the standards but to live a life of your own.

Don’t let your subconscious soak the image of perfectionism as it is fake. Even if you reach the beauty scales then also you are not enough for the people. Stop lacking in self-love. Give the right ingredients to your body and stop putting unnecessary pressure. God never defined beauty and it seems, we failed to understand it. By portraying as the Kali and Shiva, all Gods did was to imprint in the minds of people to never consider others as lesser beings. We, out of our own curiosity and evil deed have set some standards of beauty which were never there in Ancient India.

Be confident. You are beautiful.

Let me ask you why one thing is attractive to the other. The answer is simple, the first thing is what will impress the society and the latter may just be a thing you need. Attractiveness and beauty are not the same but similar. One may find the rain in a wild forest to be a bother (not attractive enough) but beautiful at the same time. Just like the snowy winter nights which are beautiful yet do not attract anyone in a dark cold street. Beauty is what relieves you and attraction is what excites you. Be calm and relieved whenever you watch yourself. You were always beautiful and it’s a fact.

Some people out there may not accept this out of their own egos. They will still avoid you, kick you, or may call you names. The best thing you can do is to ignore them. Walk with confidence, not to convince others you are beautiful but to tell them that you already know that and you are not affected by their judgment.

And the next time you see a girl gazing over a model on a magazine cover or looking into the mirror, tell her the myth of flawlessness. Tell her she is beautiful. Praise her smile or laugh. Escape the beauty web.

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