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Part 1: Boy in the mirror

I hate the mirror,
I hate the person inside it,
That boy is sick,
That boy is mad,
That boy is ugly,
That boy is fat…

That’s the things I am tired of hearing,
Tired of hearing it from the society,
Tired of hearing it from my friends,
Tired of hearing it from that nasty mirror,
Though i know that there is no such thing as perfection,
But still i am tired of hearing it from my reflection…

So, I finally decided to end my life,
I finally decided to hold a knife,
But slicing my naked skin doesn’t satisfy me,
This heroin doses doesn’t simplify me…

When the time is passing with ease,
The more dense it makes,
And the pills i am taking they still keep me awake….

My heart and soul is filled by this void,
These nasty and invisible scars,
How can you avoid??

Sorry not sorry I don’t wanna hide my scars,
Sorry not sorry I Don’t wanna dream about being hit by cars,
Sorry not sorry I wanna cry nomore,
Sorry not sorry I dont wanna lie anymore…

Part 2

Time to stop this stigma,
Time to end it calling an enigma,
Time to break this silence,
And finally it’s time to end the violence….

It’s late but I know now,
The pain that i was bearing till now,
It’s time to let it go now…
So here’s the thing Mirror,
You shine because I shine,
You are just a shadow of me,
You can’t define who I Am,
Nor the society,
Nor my friends,
And neither you my dear perfectly imperfect reflection….

There’s a light,
You gotta seek it,
There’s a gift,
You gotta spread your arms for it…

You can only beat that mental illness when you decide to.
When you decide to love the mirror,
When you decide to adore your flaws,
When you decide to accept that there are some edges and curves and flaws in you,
Which only make you ‘YOU’.

Written By: Poetic Panda

Check Out: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9GYpboPUKUw&feature=youtu.be


A 16 y/o boy who has some dreams and wants to prove himself in front of the world.
Still a student but has the passion to write what he feels.
He likes to read books and even writes whatever he feels.
Open-minded person and does what he wants to rather than considering the sayings of the world.
Always likes to make new friends and likes to be good with them, and whenever they need him he is always there to help.
Has a very jolly and bubbly nature with always a smile on his face.

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