But isn’t silence enough?
For in silence the world reaps.
In silence the ocean cries,
And the flowers bloom without a sigh.

Isn’t solace what we need?
After the pain heals,
and the scar aches but with no heed.

Didn’t we ask for time to stop?
To pause, relax and move away from it all?
For we said, the words move with no sound,
the books turn, with a rapid ounce.

Isn’t silence just what we really yearned?
But when given try and make a sound.
When we are iced, and the universe listens,
Don’t we beg for the chaos to return?
Can’t emptiness be full, of the way the world moves?
In silence, but not obsolete.
With patience and not egotistic gleam.

And so I ask, yet again.
Isn’t silence what we yearned?
For in silence the world turns,
And In silence, we learn.

Written By: Mahathi

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Bio: Hey there! My name is Mahathi, I’m a high schooler who is absolutely in love with the magic of words! I’m a huge fan of John Green and his books, and I’m hoping that one day my words can change this world in some way too. So, if you’re interested in how I write do check my page and let me know what you think!

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