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An Insignificant Life

That godless soundHis head explodes at 6:01 amSame as every dayHe falls out of bedSteps on the catSlides into his slippersShuffles to the kitchenPuts the coffee onBumps his head on the cupboard doorAgainSits down and looks out the windowA blackbird is flying nearLeaves it’s mark on his sillHe gets upPours his coffee-Black with a shot of Irish whiskeySits back downThe […]

Old Man

“Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish, but you only spend it once”? Lillian DicksonAlso, lyrics at the end from Neil Young’s song old man. Silently he sat in darkness, flinching at the sight of light.Which created a glow reflecting on his balding head.His cold glare did not help my nerves,so I simply stood […]

You are no stranger to pain

Some days you are the life of the party,Full of life and hearty.On top of the worldMoving around all unconcerned.Bright smile and picture perfect face.Energetic and some people can’t keep up with your pace.Then there is some trigger,You are rocked with pain and lose all signs of vigour. Toxins are your kryptonite.Chemicals and viruses will give your system a fight.Inflamed […]

My Life In 3 Minutes

My first open mic was a nervous affair. I overran because I wasn’t planned and tried to tell too much. And was chased off the stage!I wrote this poem as an apology to perform at the next session Part 1 Open mic nightMy chance to reciteThe poems I write. The poems I writeThat need to heard;That I need toInflict on […]


Bio: My name is Aryan Gautam. I am a rap artist. I love to express my feelings through my rhymes and I love to rap. Yeah, let us talk about lifeI think it is filled with struggle, stress, and liesI just know that I wanna feel aliveCan you tell me how can I thrive?Yeah, everybody has their own struggle in […]

Happily ever after

Bio: Mantasha Shaikh is a writer who scribbles thoughts, quotes, micro-poetries, etc. I’m walking through the road of our destination.Don’t hesitate to join me in between.I’ll hold your hands as if it would be for the first time.I won’t let you recall the half journeyI did by myselfI won’t let you have the guilt to leave me in betweenI won’t […]