The importance of love

The importance of love

Love a four-letter word. Heard often! Expressed often!
But the depth, feeling most of the time lacking.
It is an ethereal, mystic feeling which enraptures all!
You all must be wondering! Why the use of ethereal!
Well! If you think deeply!
Who has understood love?
Do you really measure it?
Can it be quantified?
Each’s an expression, each’s understanding and each one’s portrayal are beautiful and unique to them.
It does not mean that if I don’t build monuments, or bring you a bouquet or forget your favorite chocolates, that he or she loves you less. Their expression of love could be different!

Today! I feel the true, beautiful essence of love is totally lost!
The understanding of another’s heart, soul, spirit, the unspoken language of the eyes. Bring with them forever. Loving and accept them fully! With their flaws and shortcomings is love!
It is not some picture-perfect image or a standardized measuring unit, which everyone needs to adhere to. Look Beyond and you will find the essence. In the bargain do not forget to love yourself the most. Love conquers hate, negativity!
It will do the same for you too!

Written By: Shireen Haider

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Bio: Hi. I’m Shireen a special educator and a passionate blogger. A nature lover and yoga enthusiast. I enjoy reading and being outdoors. I enjoy being out with my friends. Nothing that an evening with friends over coffee cannot cure. A coffee and dessert lover. Edict!! Of both

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