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The unsaid truth of teenage relationships #Normalize

The unsaid truth of teenage relationships #Normalize

From school to colleges, crushes to our special ones, teenage relationships are one of the most natural things to be happening during the adolescent period. They come with all the other changes going on during adolescence – physical, social, and emotional. Body image, looks, independence, and privacy are always linked with talk of romantic relationships. We have all been there- hiding our relationship from teachers, parents and, the hardest of all, neighbors. But why?

normalize teenage relationships.

Not only elder people, many parents consider the idea of romantic relationships to be offensive, unnatural, and bad. Although relationships are certainly not bad but beautiful. These romantic feelings help us to grow a deeper capacity to care, share, and develop intimate relationships.

Some consider this idea of having boyfriends and girlfriends to be wrong. These individuals not only create a biased opinion on relationships but also may hinder the growth of love and emotions. Parents and guardians may think that such romantic encounters deviate a child from his/her sole goal i.e. studying. First of all, the goal of a teenager or a child is the development of his/her body, mind, and emotions. The child may or may not succeed in studies but having a round development of everything will certainly help him/her in the future.

Are you one of those individuals who judge others for the status of their relationship? You have to stop, if so. I say this because you probably have no idea of the scenario a specific person is in or has encountered. The idea of being in a relationship is so hyped up among the teenage population and equally low-key in the eyes of elders. These two opposite actions create a greater impact on everyone.

Depending on your values and family rules, children and parents might need to discuss behavior, ground rules, and consequences for breaking the rules. For example, you might talk about how much time your child spends with his girlfriend or boyfriend versus how much time he spends studying. Whether it’s OK for his girlfriend or boyfriend to stay over. Teenage relationships are not a crime.

same sex relationships.

Talking about romantic relationships, how can we forget the taboo of bisexual, gay, or lesbian relationships. Yes, you might like someone from your own gender, and it’s fine. People are not yet used to this idea of LGBTQ relationships but this does not mean it is wrong. It might strain your mental health. The need for normalizing teenage relationships will help us create a more understanding environment.

As a community, it is vital that we become more comprehensive and let the two individuals in a relationship decide how they want it to be. I always think that relationships are an incredibly personal choice. The approach to a relationship must be from the viewpoint of what the people involved want.

I won’t really blame anybody for not approving their kids to date. I think only parents know parent stress. Well, at least know that most of your teen kids are dating someone, or at least he or she has someone in their minds even if they don’t admit it. I am sure all would go well if you trust your teen and if he or she trusts you back. If your kid is happy with a cute little relationship without causing serious harm to their life, then why not?

Society, parents, and even we need to appropriately look at our actions and thoughts. No relationship can ever hinder your growth if you are willing and can maintain a balance. Nor does any aunty or boy commenting on your character can affect you.

I will tell you one thing if you feel it is a special relationship then, consider it one and work for it. Become emotionally stable, keep your mind and body healthy, and go with the flow. Normalizing teenage relationships will take time but it’s happening. The more you will normalize it, the more the coming generation will reap the benefits. On a good note, I take my leave. Also don’t forget to kiss your special one on the forehead next time you meet, heheheheheh.

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