Vitória Bueno: From disability to invincibility

Vitória Bueno: From disability to invincibility

We are more than our disabilities so we have to chase our dreams”

No flaw can stop you from chasing your dreams. Brazilian Ballerina sets an example by defying all the odds. Vitória, 16, hailed from a rural and poverty-stricken town Santa Rita Do Sapucai in Brazil. She was born without arms due to a genetic condition. But it didn’t stop her from dreaming big.

Vitória Bueno was born without arms. She is a ballet dancer.

Vitória’s passion for dance was noticed by her physiotherapist. On his advice, Vitória joined the ballet academy of her town. Her mother dropped her off at the ballet academy since she attained the age of 5. Soon the young Vitória became a model of curiosity for the locals. Her mother’s eyes always fill up with tears while remembering the insensitive behavior of the people.

The locals used to lift off Vitória’s sleeves to look. They lined up in queues in front of her house. This pained her mother a lot. But it didn’t stop her from dancing. “The arms are just a detail”, said Vitória. Dancing gave her strength and flexibility.

Sooner, she didn’t feel the need of having arms. Like any other teenage girl, Vitória shopped things from the supermarket, brushed her teeth, surf the mobile, etc. She did all this by using her feet.

She glides over the wooden stage so beautifully that one could easily forget her dancing without arms. Vitória doesn’t feel the need to have arms. The young girl dances while looking at them as they were really there. She dances through her eyes. Now she has taken up jazz and tap along with the ballet.

With over 150k followers on Instagram, she has become an inspiration to all. The people are pouring lots of love while watching her videos. Vitória has become a social media star.

She is a lesson for people. Chasing her dreams gives the young teenage ‘strength’. She always seeks to improve. She learned that she must not give up not only for herself but for the people who are inspired by her.

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