What if black was ‘white’?

What if black was ‘white’?

“Sometimes the hardest thing to wear

Is our own skin.”

DIARY OF A YOUNG GIRL IN A PARALLEL WORLD                                          Date: January 2021

Mom: Are you drinking milk? Do you want to become fairer?

‘Abruptly puts a tea bag in the glass.

Me: Unn, mom I don’t like tea.

Mom: SHSHSHSH, I don’t want to listen anything. Gulp it all in one go.

Me: Ewwww!!

Mom: Listen, I have also prepared that henna pack for you. Don’t forget to apply it for an hour. It will give you a nice dark shade!

Me: Yuckkk!! But Mom, How did I inherit fair skin? I see all the family members pretty dark.

Mom (Stammering): Look carefully, your grandparents are fair. You must have taken from them.

Me (Puzzled): OH, maybe.

Mom: It is my fault. I shouldn’t have eaten Rasgullas (A white Indian sweet) during pregnancy.

Me: Yes mom, it’s your entire fault. Dad has nothing to do with this.

MY FIRST VIRTUAL DATE DURING COVID-19                                                     Date: January 2021

Boy (Stammering): You know what; you looked darker in your pictures.

‘Girl gets angry

Boy: It’s ok, totally ok! Your color is beautiful just like a milky bar. Pure white beauty!

Me: What a jerk.

‘End’s the video call

Mom: Oho, your skin has become so fair! What on earth should I do for this girl?

Me: Mom, There is no fault of mine

Mom: Let’s go for an afternoon walk! It is sunny outside! How about some ‘natural tanning’!

‘Girl makes silly faces

The conversations were funny! Weren’t they? Ever thought of such a scenario in your life? Like a parallel world where the skin complexions were treated opposite of how they are treated here. Same reverence, same beauty standards, and same pity. But just different complexions.

For example, every matrimonial website showing ads, “Tall, dusky bride wanted.” As if fair people hold no value and everyone is interested in getting a dark wife. Our mothers consoling us for being a little extra fair. Motivating us that there’s a suitable ‘fair’ guy for us out there.

Our television screens showing ‘Dark and Lovely’ advertisements. Promising dark skin in just seven days. Thinking about this, same people who body shame others on the basis of skin color would have been ridiculed. Truly a world upside down.

Hey, but don’t think that our cosmetic industry would have suffered. Rather in the case above, it would have flourished because of those useless chemicals that harm/burn our skin huh.

Now that you have read everything, I know that you still can’t imagine or process that parallel world. This is how deep we value white skin complexion even if we are dark-skinned. But I question- Why a color? Why do we say that “white” skin is beautiful or “black” skin is beautiful? What happens if our belief is reversed? The fact that we start labeling skin according to colors itself is somewhat wrong; even if we counter it by saying ‘All shades are beautiful’. The truth is: differentiating the same things based on some parameters creates a divide.

So what do you think about your skin? Firstly, I think you should care about your acne and other genuine skin problems rather than your skin color (hehehe). Peeps, please understand that acne is a problem and not a basis for discrimination. Although you look beautiful as you are. Furthermore, try and be healthy at the same time. Secondly, drink loads of water, get yourself checked regularly. I won’t even tell you guys to sleep and eat because I already know that you all are top experts at sleeping and eating. Thirdly, and most importantly, beware of procrastination and yeah I will tell you other things later (not procrastinating, not procrastinating; :3). Hope to see you all soon.

Ba-bye till then.

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